Modèle du Monde is a models and talent agency for trade show and corporate event. Our dynamic and articulate staff will deliver your key brand messaging, support your sales team, and welcome your guests with confidence and a warm smile. With an elite team of live stage presenters, translators, lead generators, product specialists, hospitality team and concierge attendants we will deliver world-class service to you and your customers.

Trade Shows Staff

Our talent is attractive, intelligent and professional. They possess the ability to speak multiple languages, and are trained to recognize and adhere to specific customs and cultural standards of your diverse client and consumer base. We ensure that our talent becomes a fabric of your sales team so you can focus on your event with confidence.

When a potential client walks by, a gorgeous smile and a welcoming attitude is a winning combination that draws them in and establishes a fantastic first impression.

Hospitality Team

Modele du Monde provide professional, efficient VIP hospitality staff to serve morning coffee, light refreshments and snacks to your corporate event and trade show stand.

Our multicultural staff is vital to sales, as your international customers are going to have a friendly face and someone who speaks the language when they walk through your doors.

We provide customer and sales support, while attending to service and hosting responsibilities, we know that the first impression is vital.

Live stage presenters

The main point of a presenter is to attract huge potential sales. And as the most vocal and visible member of your booth staff, your presenter will be seen and heard by more attendees than anyone else in your booth. They’ll be your first and most important impression.

Also a presenter can easily react to the unexpected, which could include anything from unsolicited attendee comments to faltering equipment. They are able to initiate their own fun, unscripted moments that enliven a presentation, from rephrasing a confusing explanation on the fly, to reading an attendee’s name off their badge, to spot testing a fresh joke or rhetorical flourish, to interacting with another staffer.

Product Specialists

Modele du Monde staff will represent your company as an extension to your sales team. Our engaging and articulate staff is experienced in lead spotting, stopping passers by, making new sales and generating leads.

They have technology and IT experience and can be trained on any product or brand. Knowledgeable as to which sales member is most appropriate for the situation, your hostess will make introductions, and bridge the gap between potential clients and the sales team.