Elizabeth C.

Elizabeth C., Modele du Monde
Elizabeth C., Modele du Monde
Elizabeth C., Modele du Monde
Height 5'7''
Waist 26''
Hips 34''
Language English and Spanish

About Elizabeth C.

I’m a jazz musician with a strong classical background, as both a vocalist and a pianist. I had the pleasure of living on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia, Canada while I completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Jazz Voice and Composition.

Following the thread of creativity, I’m the Creative Coordinator for a non-profit called NoStigmas, which is a mental health non-profit for awareness and suicide prevention. I manage the marketing and branding side of things, which has given me a wonderful eye for aesthetic and details. Most importantly though, this work keeps me grounded and offers me a compassionate perspective.

I also adore baking delicious things (I make a mean strawberry rhubarb crumble) and enjoy reading. I’m just as fascinated reading about The Lydian Chromatic Theory as I am seeing if Frodo ever does get to Mordor to destroy the ring.
I speak conversational Spanish and love practicing any chance I get.

The eclectic but disciplined path I have taken so far has given me the opportunity to develop and utilize a unique skill set that is intelligent, graceful and full of imagination. I’ve been told that I’m “unfailingly pleasant” and can generally have a conversation about anything with anyone. I believe there is always something to be discovered!