Sakurako, Modèle du Monde
Sakurako, Modèle du Monde
Sakurako, Modèle du Monde
Height 5'8''
Bust 36''
Waist 26''
Hips 36''
Language English, Japanese and Spanish

About Sakurako

My name is Sakurako. I was born in Tokyo, Japan and subsequently grew up in Japan, Mexico, Australia and the United States. Through living in these countries, I developed a greater appreciation for language and culture.

I speak fluent Japanese and English, with a substantial understanding of Spanish. As a product specialist, spokesperson and social engineer, I conduct demonstrations and excel in sales at international trade shows and conventions. Additionally, I work as a business interpreter and negotiator for Japanese corporations doing business here in the U.S. and domestic clients pursuing business in Japan.

I learned classical Japanese (VIP) service skills and mannerisms early on from top tier international businesses in Tokyo, such as Hyatt International, and developed my sales skills in the U.S., after college in Santa Barbara, California, working as a freelance writer.

Through my work in trade shows, I have been privileged with the opportunity to meet professionals and utilize my skillset with a variety of industries, new products and trends from around the world. I am a person of serious work ethic with an honest and creative sales approach. I enjoy what I do and always do it with 100% of my WILL.

In my leisure, I like dancing Ballet, Youth Counseling, and Flower Arrangement.