Stacy, Modèle du Monde
Stacy, Modèle du Monde
Stacy, Modèle du Monde
Height 5'9''
Bust 36''
Waist 26''
Hips 37''
Language English and Spanish

About Stacy

Hello I’m Stacy. I was born and raised in Illinois, and fluent in both English and Spanish. Very active in sport teams and athletics since a young age, I have channeled my energy and passion into working towards a common goal for my clients. I have a very strong personality and will, and know it takes a solid team player to get the job done.

I have worked in the trade show and corporate event industry for 8 years. I received my BA in business, and continue to take communication courses in order to build my skill set. Working in events has opened my eyes to a whole new world. I am much more social, confident, and knowledgeable about different cultures and the business world. The best training I could ever receive, is on the show floor.

I have experience in greeting, registration, product sales and services, and record keeping of daily inventory. In addition, I have extensive experience in cocktail and barista services. I am fully qualified to join your team for special events, trade show services, and linguistic support.